Arts and Sciences Luis De Garrido

Luis De Garrido Arts and Sciences

Luis De Garrido is interested in virtually any discipline of the arts, but he is especially enthusiastic about drawing, painting, and design in general. He specializes in dry techniques (pencil, grease pencil, charcoal, chalk), markers, airbrush, plastic and oil paints. His main subjects are portraits, female nude and architectural scenes. His style is very purist and figurative, but with a clear spiritual and mystical component.

Luis De Garrido thinks that art is not just a means of expression, which can modulate the evolution of our society, but above all the medium that best excites and to generates emotions, necessary to promote one’s own happiness and the happiness of those around us. Similarly, art, combined with the scientific method, is a perfect place to amplify human spirituality, which can help us transcend as such. For this reason, Luis De Garrido rejects the forced, empty and commercial trends that can occur in many arts.

Similarly, Luis De Garrido is interested in virtually any scientific discipline, but is particularly interested in artificial intelligence, cognitive neuroscience, engineering, medicine, psychology, astrophysics, ecology and evolutionary anthropology.

Luis De Garrido is considered primarily a multidisciplinary scientist, and has focused his life-long learning. He has a strong analytical and experimental character, and he analyzes at all times any event that passes his way, trying to figure out the causes thereof, and establish abstract patterns in order to relate it to other events, and solve it in the most appropriate way.

Luis De Garrido thinks that the scientific method is the best that man has created throughout their existence, and is the only ally that he has to filter and process the right information at all times, in order to feel strong, safe, happy and truly free, avoiding being manipulated and used by the artificial, irrational, arbitrary, interested clandestine entities and demeaning social, political and especially religious power …. In this sense, although Luis De Garrido considers himself to be deeply spiritual, at the same time he considers himself deeply atheist, and thinks that humans in order to evolve and transcend, must seek their full physical and spiritual potential. The first thing to do is to get rid of the irrational, alienating and coercive bonds of religion. It is curious that humans created religion to try to overcome his fear (derived from ignorance) and that religion is currently the main source of this fear (because it encourages ignorance), just to justify its existence and power.