Teaching Luis De Garrido

Luis De Garrido Teaching

Luis De Garrido has taught at 13 universities from 7 countries, has lectured and has given specialization courses in 21 universities and has given lectures in over 100 international conferences in 17 countries.

He has occasionally collaborated as a visiting professor at the Complutense University of Madrid, M.I.T. and Carnegie-Mellon University, and teaches several courses of specialization in architecture in collaboration with several universities and various professional associations of architects and doctors in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Spain, United States and Mexico. He directs also the Program for professional specialization Advanced Master in Advanced Sustainable and Bioclimatic Architecture, in Spain, organized by the National Association for Sustainable Architecture, and the Self-sufficient Architecture Association.

Luis De Garrido has taught a large number of disciplines and subjects, such as: Structural Analysis, Architectural Design, Architectural Composition, Building Design, Digital Systems, Computer Programming, Artificial Intelligence, Algorithms, Computer Networks, Computer Architecture, Multimedia Engineering, Telecommunications, Creative Design, Sustainable Architecture, Ecological Architecture, Modular Architecture, Bioclimatic Architecture, Self-Sufficient Architecture with zero energy consumption, Oratory, Facial Analysis, Evolutionary Anthropology, Social Psychology, Astrophysics, Natural Hazards, Neurophysiology, Cognitive Neuroscience, Food Science, Endocrinology, Habitat Health, Creativity, Advertising Design and Corporate Design.