Luis De Garrido Corporate Design

Luis De Garrido is very interested in the design of the overall corporate image, for both individuals and legal entities, as this allows the holistic integrated design of different objects and different techniques.

To create the global corporate image first the general conceptual design guidelines must be designed, and secondly, each and every one of the objects and individual components involved in the activity of a given entity.

The design of conceptual guidelines requires an enormous capacity for symbolic abstraction of the identifying characteristics of a given entity. In contrast the design of different objects implies an enormous adaptability of the conceptual to the underlying determinants of that object guidelines. Thus, the essence of a particular entity is transmitted into logos, websites, stationery, posters, stationery, furniture, interior design, and even buildings.

Luis has designed both the overall image of several university departments, associations and non-profit foundations, and several companies for which he has designed their buildings.

Similarly, in the design of buildings he always includes the main hallmarks of its customers, with a clear denotative language, but in turn they are full of connotative elements that ask to be looked into further.