Luis De Garrido Drawing and Painting

Luis De Garrido started drawing and painting at the age of three alongside a deep interest in model ships, from then on he has not stopped.

Luis De Garrido uses all kinds of wet techniques, but has a preference for dry techniques, especially the grease pen which he controls exceptionally well. He usually paints nude female portraits, and architectural plans.

Portraits are done on a white background, the strokes become increasingly accurate as they approach the center of the picture and the concept develops. Thus the faces seem to emerge from the background made up of millions of tiny strokes.

This technique is very difficult to execute but it has a plastic elasticity to it, with results as impressive as accurate, and that allows him to perfectly express their vision of the intimate world of women: a combination of sensuality, immateriality, mystery, spirituality, uncertainty, sexuality and mysticism. So far Luis De Garrido has presented five expositions on nude portraits in Spain and France, all with the same name: “Sex and the Angels”.

Architectural plans are carried out using fountain pens (with nibs that he personally modifies) on white paper. He uses simple and pure lines, quickly and nervously, to suggest the essence of architectural environments he wants to represent, whether real or imagined.