Luis De Garrido Industrial Design

Luis De Garrido has a lot of experience in industrial design, focused on the design of furniture, street furniture, bathroom furniture and kitchen, toilets, faucets, lights and fountain pens, among other objects. In this field he has worked professionally for several companies, and has worked as a researcher and teacher in the Engineering Department, at the School of Industrial Engineering, Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC), where completed the PhD plan “Industrial Improvement and Innovation” under the direction of the Chief of Department Jaume Blasco i Font de Rubinat.

All objects and artifacts designed by Luis De Garrido represent a holistic response to all possible design constraints. However his design highlights the following characteristics:

  1. High ecological level.
    The objects he designs have the highest possible ecological level because their design takes into account 35 environmental indicators. Therefore when an object is designed the resources, being natural or artificial, used are made the most of, waste and pollution are reduced in every step of the process, maintenance costs and overall price are reduced, and energy consumption is reduced to the maximum level possible.
  2. Ease of Assembly and Disassembly.
    The components of objects designed by Luis De Garrido can be easily assembled and disassembled through the use of screws, threads and loops; while the use of mortar and adhesives are completely eliminated from the process.
  3. Robustness and Durability
    Durability is an essential characteristic that attributes the most ecological benefits to any object. The greater the durability of a particular object, the lower its energy consumption and lower their emissions and waste generation per unit of time. Therefore, all objects designed by Luis De Garrido are highly functional, robust and durable and can be repaired with ease.
  4. Symbolism
    Objects designed by Luis have great symbolic component. This symbolism can be associated with a particular object or a particular set of values that give a certain differential identity. Thus the objects not only have a certain character that makes them unique, but also acquire a high charge of transcendental energy.
  5. Functionality
    Objects designed by Luis, first of all, have robust functionality. That is, they are made to last and remain functional throughout their life, and carry out their purpose that they were made to do from the start.
  6. Ergonomics
    Luis designs objects that are comfortable and easy to handle, because they were thought with real people in mind considering all of their needs.
  7. High energy efficiency
    Objects are made so that the manufacturing process consumes the least amount of energy possible.