Análisis de Proyectos de Arquitectura Sostenible. Naturalezas Artificiales 2001-2008

This is an ambitious book whose main objective is the establishment of the conceptual foundations to achieve an architecture with the highest possible ecological level, and identifying a general methodology of deep green architectural design.

In the first part of the book the green indicators and the architectural strategies necessary for a deep green architecture, at the lowest possible price, are established.

In the second part of the book the 39 previously identified green indicators are discussed in detail. The study of these indicators provides a holistic and complete overview of the fundamentals of a deep green architecture, and allows the adoption of different green architectural design strategies.

In the third part of the book a general ecological architectural design methodology is proposed, based on both ecological indicators and architectural strategies.

Finally, in the fourth part of the book, 64 projects by Luis De Garrido are discussed in depth, to illustrate how it has been applied in each the general design methodology described above.

This analysis also shows that it is possible to control the thermal conditions inside the buildings simply designing them correctly, without using technological devices, and therefore at the lowest energy consumption possible. Without a doubt this is one of the most important contributions of Luis de Garrido for contemporary architecture.

The book has a strong teaching and training purposes and at the same time is a professional and effective tool for all architects wishing to face the ecological project of any architectural typology.