“Arquitectura para la Felicidad”

Achieve happiness seems to be the most important goal of all humans, even though they do not know very well what it is, or how to get it.

In addition, people are not aware that their built environment, architecture, can provide a high degree of happiness, provided that it has been conveniently designed. Therefore, in this book, Luis De Garrido outlines a basic and proven strategy for achieving happiness, emphasizing its reducing and amplifiers factors, and provides the conceptual basis for a new paradigm in architecture, integrated in nature, and able to make happy to its occupants.

This new paradigm must accommodate any social and cultural environment, so that in each it will have slightly different parameters. However, based on the above, a set of parameters common to any environment can be identified, which are essential to promote and amplify our happiness:

  1. Thermal Balance
  2. Seasonal temperature variation
  3. Natural Lighting
  4. Simplicity and low maintenance technology
  5. Natural Materials
  6. Simple architectural design and not monotonous
  7. Right colors
  8. Sense of security and privacy
  9. Beauty
  10. Absence of pathogens
  11. Breathability
  12. Encourage the personal and social relationships
  13. Self-sufficiency (energy, water and food)

Considering all these parameters buildings capable of stimulating and amplify the happiness of its occupants can be designed.

To illustrate the above six innovative and advanced projects by Luis De Garrido are discussed in depth.