Congress Luis De Garrido


1999 “39 Award” (Thirty Nine Award) together with 38 other architects. The competition’s aim was to identify, put forward and publish the 39 best projects by the California University. Culver City. California. USA. 1999.
1999 “AVEA Award” for Applied Quality (IV Cycle 1999). Business Association of Builders and Developers of Comunidad Valenciana (AVEA) for the project “Model Housing for the XXI Century. Ecological, Bioclimatic and Intelligent”. Spain
2000 “Exemplary Architectural Project for Humanity Award”: ACTIO Environmental Research Center. Hannover Expo 2000 Commission. Exhibition Pavilion for the Future. Germany. October 2000.
2001 “Future Home Award”. Council of Tokyo-Yokohama. A competition which aimed at proposing new kinds of sustainable housing for the information age. Japan. January 2001.
2004 Participation in Venice Architecture Biennale. Italy. 2004.
2008 “2008 Architect of the Year Award” by the International Steel Building Association (ISBU) (AIA), for being considered one of the most innovative architects in the word, for his contribution to green and modular container architecture. USA. 2008.
2009 “Racimo 2009 Architecture Award”, for being one of the most innovative architects of Spain. Serrada Blanco del Arte Foundation. Spain. 2009.
2011 “Environmental Responsibility Award”, together with ICP, for the design of Sayab as the best green residential complex of Colombia and the Americas. Green America Foundation. Colombia. 2011.
2013 “TOP 50 Award. Green Planet Architects”. 2013. USA. Luis de Garrido has received this award in 2013, and has been chosen among the best TOP 50 International Architects, by international association Green Planet Architects, for his outstanding contribution to the development and promotion of green architecture, and his visionary architectural projects. USA. 2013.