33 BIP VIP Project Luis De Garrido

Luis De Garrido 33 BIP VIP Proyect

33 BIP VIP Project (33 Architectural Birthday Presents for Very Important People) is an architectural research project leaded by Luis De Garrido, and managed by 2 nonprofit research centers in green architecture, ANAS and IFSA, from 2011 to 2016.

The 33 VIP BIP Project aims to make 33 exemplary self-sufficient green houses projects for the 33 most influential people on the planet. These advanced houses should be able to be carried out, and must be designed to fully meet the needs of each of the chosen persons. At the same time the houses should serve as a reference for future generations, each one as a different example of a new paradigm in architecture, perfectly integrated into the natural ecosystem, identified by Luis De Garrido.

The 3 main objectives of the 33 BIP VIP Project are:

  1. Create an architectural legacy for future generations. The conceptual basis and design process followed in the design of the 33 houses can serve as a model and reference for achieving a future advanced architecture perfectly integrated into the natural ecosystem.
  2. Develop a new architectural paradigm perfectly integrated into nature, able to make its occupants happy. A green architecture, industrialized, capable to be assembled and disassembled, with infinite life-cycle. A bioclimatic architecture with zero-energy consumption, zero-emissions, zero-waste and self-sufficient in energy, water and food, with conventional economic cost.
  3. Encourage the establishment of a new system of human values, based on common sense, sensitivity, altruism, ecology, hard work ethic, happiness, the scientific method and the respect for the community.

VIP included in the 33 BP VIP Project
Each person of the 33 BIP VIP Project has been chosen to form a global social reference group, so that, as a whole, represents all strata of our society: professionals, politicians, actors, singers, writers, artists, scientists, athletes, … Thus, anyone of any age, race, culture and social condition could feel identified and could admire at least one person of the group. In fact, they have been chosen for their talent, their personal qualities, their desire to improve, their ability to work, their contributions to society, and above all, thrill and be able to make others happy.

Amancio Ortega James Cameron Mohamed Yunus
Angela Merkel Johnny Depp Oprah Winfrey
Angelina Jolie Julian Assange Pau Gassol
Arianna Huffington Keanu Reeves Paul Watson
Barack Obama Lady Gaga Peter Zumthor
Beyoncé Lang Lang Quentin Tarantino
Bono Larry Page Regina Mccarthy
Brad Pitt Leo Messi Richard Wiseman
Cator Sparks Madonna Shakira
Eminem Malala Stephen Hawkins
Ferrán Adriá Mark Zuckerberg Vladimir Putin

It is important to note that the design of the project as a whole try to reflect at the enormous respect and admiration that the design team has for each and every one of the chosen persons of the 33 BIP VIP group. In fact, the main objective of the 33 BIP VIP Project intends to make all of them happy.

Content and Design process

The first step of each project is to identify the place where presumably everyone in the group wants to live, and the second step is to design in this place their ideal house, the house of their dreams. A house that meets their physical, functional, psychological, cultural and emotional needs. A house that functions as sounding board to pursue their happiness. A house whose symbolic design be based on their own personality, their achievements, their aspirations, their dreams and their social symbolism.
Thus the houses are designed specifically for each one of the people in the group, completely personalized according to their social and personal symbolism, and based on the information we have obtained about his life and career, and considering their needs, preferences, desires, dreams and expectations in life. All the information we have obtained is public (books, internet, documentaries, …), and inside of each project there is always a complete bibliography attached.

The green houses designed are perfectly integrated into the natural ecosystem,
and in its construction have been used a finite set of industrialized components which can be easily recovered, repaired and reused at all times. Thus the resulting houses can be assembled and disassembled many times as desired, without generating waste and emissions. As a result the houses can have an infinite life-cycle.
Furthermore, the houses are self-sufficient in energy and water, and in most instances,

in food. In order to achieve the lowest possible economic cost, the houses have a very special bioclimatic design, allowing them to be thermally self-regulated, and be naturally lit, with minimal need for technological devices, and with the lowest possible energy consumption. In fact all designed households have zero energy consumption, zero emissions and zero waste generation.
All projects can be built and be carried out at any time since they are completely well defined, including every constructive details, and meet all the technical and legal requirements of each country, and the planning regulations of each lot. In addition, the land on which the houses have been designed are buildable and are for sale in most cases.

Designed by Luis De Garrido

All houses have been personally designed by Luis De Garrido to the smallest detail. Therefore, and given the enormous responsibility that comes with the 33 BIP VIP Project intends to be an architectural legacy, Luis de Garrido has used new and advanced creative design strategies for the design of houses.

These creative design strategies are based on the use of symbols and metaphors to generate initial fuzzy proto-solutions, and require the coordinated collaboration of the different components of a working group. Therefore Luis De Garrido has designed new techniques of brainstorming, and using different search engines on the Internet, creating what he has named as www-brainstroming, and also global brainstorming.

As a complement, Luis De Garrido uses the design process followed in each house for exquisitely train a particular student or professional, who acts as project coordinator.
The coordinator of each project is in continuous contact with Luis de Garrido, following instructions at all times, drawing the project from beginning to end, and doing all memories and graphic schemes that may be required. Luis De Garrido provides detailed tutoring to each coordinator and continuously corrects him, down to the smallest detail, until he consider that the project reach the needed level to become a future reference in architecture. On the other hand each project coordinator is responsible for getting all the external partners needed, and getting all the necessary information with the help of the working group established each year. The time required to make each project depends on its complexity and the ability to work of each coordinator, and ranges from six months to three years.

Once completed, the project of each house is delivered to the person to whom it is addressed, as a birthday gift.