Architecture and Happiness Luis De Garrido

Luis De Garrido Architecture and Happiness

One goal of Luis De Garrido is to make an architecture that makes fully happy its occupants. For it has been investigated in depth the foundations of human happiness, emphasizing their reducing factors and amplifiers:
A goal that Luis holds essential in any project is to make occupants of a building happy. To do so he has studied in depth the pillars of human happiness and places great emphasis on the limiting factors and amplifiers of happiness.

  1. Reducing factors of happiness:
    • a. Reducing social factors:
      • Inability to unlearn
      • Group memory
      • Try to solve what can solve itself over time
      • Constant fear
    • b. Reducing hereditary factors:
      • Harmful mutations
      • Wear and aging
      • Depraved political power
      • Imagined Stress
  2. Amplifying factors:
    • Attention to detail
    • Enjoy the search process
    • Personal relationship
    • Ability to be emotionally moved

Taking into account the above, Luis has identified a set of parameters that good architecture must meet. These parameters are common in any environment and essential to promoting the happiness of occupants of a building.

  1. Heat balance
  2. Seasonal temperature variation
  3. Natural Lighting
  4. Simplicity and low maintenance technology
  5. Natural Materials
  6. Simple architectural design and not monotonous
  7. Adequate Colors
  8. Sense of security and privacy
  9. Beauty
  10. Absence of pathogens
  11. Breathability
  12. Encourage personal and social relationships
  13. Self-sufficiency in energy, water and food
  14. Symbolism
  15. Spirituality

With these parameters Luis De Garrido designs buildings that act as a sounding board, and can stimulate and amplify the happiness of its occupants.