Prospective Luis De Garrido

Luis De Garrido Foresight

Luis De Garrido has a huge interest in Foresight (Prospective) science, discipline that modulates its daily activity in all aspects.
Foresight science aims to envision the future and act in the present, but does not purport to guess the occurrence of an event but seeks to significantly reduce uncertainty. For this, they use what is called “anticipatory headlights” suggesting actions to be taken in this
Foresight is a discipline with open global vision, systemic, dynamic and explaining the possible futures, taking into account the most relevant information of the present and the past and taking into account future developments of the (mostly quantitative and qualitative) variables as well as the behavior of those involved, so that reduces uncertainty, illuminates this action and provides mechanisms that lead to an acceptable, convenient or desired future.
Foresight, therefore, not only seeks to know the future in advance but mainly design and build collectively in a participatory manner.
Luis De Garrido is deeply interested in viewing the future of society in order to analyze the fundamental variables that shape it, and then adjust appropriately to induce new evolutionary paths most suitable for humans. This allows you to anticipate the future and formalize today a new ecological paradigm of human activity in general, and engineering and architecture in particular, to allow correct social progress and ensuring the satisfaction of human needs and its future importance.
Note that Luis De Garrido has collaborated with the newspaper La Verdad de Albacete (Spain), writing, for two years, a one-page article on the evolution and future of our society, in its most important aspects, predicting many events a period between 2025 and 2050 and made several proposals for prevention and correction.
Similarly, Luis De Garrido has participated in several international Foresight conferences, showing his visionary proposals on architecture and urbanism. Especially successful was his vision of the future city presented in the “Telematics 2025” competition organized by the Association of Town Planners of Holland in 1985, when Luis was just a student.