Cognitive Design Process Luis De Garrido

Luis De Garrido Identification of Design Process

Luis De Garrido places great interest in analyzing the design process of the best architects of all time for a variety of reasons.

First off, an analysis such as this allows one to determine the cognitive process developed and the following decisions carried out during the design process.  With this you can know in detail the different stages of the architectural design process.

Secondly it allows one to relate to the intellectual and emotional concerns of a specific architect through the formal and spatial structure of said architect’s creations and therefore justifies many of their denoted elements.

Thirdly, it allows the identification of some of the best design methodologies set in place by the best architects of all time, which generated successful results. In this way new design methodologies capable of amplifying the potential creativity of architects and assures excellence in the end product.

Lastly, analysis of the design process used by the best architects of all time allows one to know with detail the cognitive activity of the brain throughout the architectural design process, and in this way, systems of artificial intelligence are able to emulate the creativity activity of the architects.

Luis has analyzed in detail the design processes used by some of the architects, he considers to be, the most innovative of all time.  He has also carried out an exhaustive and detailed analysis of some of their best architectural projects.  Among others he has analyzed the following architects: Hiram Abiff, Apolodoro de Damasco, Marco Vitruvio, Leon Battista Alberti, Donato D’Angelo Bramante, Michelangelo Buonarroti, Andrea Palladio, Giorgio Vasari, Jean-Nicolas-Louis Durand, Karl Friedrich Schinkel, Frank Lloyd Wright, Louis Isadore Kahn, Iannis Xenaquis, Peter Zumthor, Léon Krier and Jacques Herzog.

As a result of this meticulous analysis Luis has identified the different evolutionary design stages that have been established from the first initial idea to the final result of the buildings that were analyzed, and has identified with great detail the design process that the very architects followed.
Of course, Luis de Garrido applies in his professional activity many of these secrets of design-found out by himself-from these great masters.  (“If the student does not pass the master, then neither the student nor the teacher are good”… Chinese Proverb).