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Luis De Garrido Medicine

Luis De Garrido is extremely interested in medicine, a discipline in which he does not practice, but is an ongoing topic of research and is main focus is on the following subjects.

  1. Analysis of the mind
    Leaders in the fields of neuroscience have identified the brain and is activities as an enormous challenge for human-beings, given that this allows us to know our identity, it’s limits and ability to transcend. In the current decade of 2015-2025 great leaps forwards are being taken in the field. Luis is paying close attention to these changes, because the latest findings may open the doors to, understanding the mechanisms behind creativity (among others) and its connection with emotional peaks and reward systems; resulting in the establishment of advanced design methodologies. These same findings can be used to identify human essence and its limits, which will lead to the creation of new social structures eventually requiring us, as a species to improve our global city system.
  2. Anorexia and Bulimia
    Luis De Garrido is immensely interested in identifying the workings of the metabolic system that drives our body to store unused nutrients and energy as fat. In addition he studies closely the reactions of the pancreas to glycemic index of blood. All with the purpose of identifying a well balanced diet and promoting a change in our eating habits. Thus ensuring a healthy life, maintaining our body mass index low and avoiding bad eating habits, which unfortunately are a great threat to modern society. Luis has analyzed in detail the physical and psychological mechanisms behind anorexia and bulimia, therefore identifying a vegetarian diet that assures our health, happiness and longitude.
  3. Endocrinology and Nutrition
    Endocrinology is the study of our endocrine system, glands, their secretions, specifically hormones, also including behavioral and psychological activities of the metabolism, growth and development. Luis is interested in knowing the correct diet for human being one that guarantees our health, happiness and longevity and therefore it is fundamental to pin down the workings of the endocrine system that allows continuing working in that direction.
  4. Homeopathy
    Homeopathy is a therapeutic method that uses homeopathic medicine to reestablish the health of the patient. This medicine is selected on the individual basis of each patient, which functions with the law of similitude, identified, by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. The law of similitude states that a substance capable of producing a series of symptoms in a healthy person is also able to cure similar symptoms in an unhealthy person, if administered in small doses.
  5. Longevity
    Luis De Garrido is continuously researching every factor that has been discovered to date, which increases the healthy and functional life expectancy of human beings, in parallel with the substantial reduction of calorie intake. Up to now there is no gene directly related to longevity (even though each species has a predetermined level) this is why our life expectancy is directly related to the environmental attacks and therefore the quality of the interior surroundings of architectonic spaces.
  6. Holistic relationship between humans and their surroundings
    Human beings have managed and evolved over time in a determined physical space. With this the sudden change of some of said parameters have a considerable affect on our health and most of all our well-being (temperature, humidity, density-gravity, ionization, radiation, natural electromagnetic fields). Luis De Garrido takes all of these parameters into account so that his buildings are able to maintain connected to all habitants within the vital cycles of nature.
  7. Health of habitat and environmental pathologies
    This area of interest is deeply vested in discovering all the pathogenic factors related to architecture, and their affects on our health. In this way he can design buildings that guarantee the health and wellbeing of their occupants.

    Luis regularly attends international medicine congresses and collaborates, giving courses and conferences, with the Colegio Oficial de Médicos de Valencia, and with the Asociación de Médicos Naturistas de España.

Conference of Luis De Garrido at the XXXIV National congress of the association of Natural Doctors. 2015. Spain

Luis De Garrido gives the first course of health and architecture at the Official College of Doctors in Valencia, 2015 Spain

Luis De Garrido gives the first specialization course in health and architecture at the Official College of Doctors in Valencia, 2015 Spain