“Sustainable Architecture with Containers”

The book aims to demonstrate a methodology for sustainable architecture using containers.

The containers have been designed to store and transport goods over long distances, and in a tight, economical and safe way. However, it also happens, the curious coincidence that the spaces that have been designed for storing and transporting goods, have a proper human scale. That is, they are also valid for designing living spaces.

However, do not forget that the containers have not been designed to be lived in. Therefore, the first thing to be done when using containers in architecture is to ensure the minimum conditions of habitability inside. Something that is not taken into account by almost all the proposals, which actually constitute a «neo-shanty towns» camouflaged –with stunning external design- to be accepted by society. On the other hand, buildings by no means are «sustainable» simply because they have been designed using containers. What’s more, most buildings made by containers offer poorer quality of life, and consume more energy than conventional buildings.

Therefore, Luis De Garrido analyzes all actions to be carried out in order to make habitable the buildings made ​​by containers, and also achieve a deep green architecture using them.

The book has a strong educational and training value, but at the same time it is a professional and effective tool for all architects and builders, who wish to deal with the sustainable design of buildings made by containers.

Without doubt, “Sustainable Architecture Containers» is a book that will inspire future generations to understand the complexities of sustainable architectural design process, and accept the challenge of making a truly integrated architecture in Nature.