Activity and Curriculum Luis De Garrido

Luis De Garrido Activity

Luis De Garrido is well noted for his studies, continuous training, multidisciplinary and holistic approach give him the character of a Renaissance man. He has a PhD in Architecture and a PhD in Computer Engineering, a MSc in Architectural design and a MSc in Urban Planning.

His interests and activity span over a wide variety of disciplines including, architecture, urban planning, engineering, artificial intelligence, ecology, industral design, multimedia design, painting, drawing, medicine, psychology, sociology, food science, oratory, literature, … among others.

The main activity of Luis De Garrido is the architecture, a discipline which he highlights worldwide and which has over 20 years experience. Luis De Garrido is the main reference and top specialist in ecological, bioclimatic, self-sufficient architecture (in energy, water and food) with zero energy consumption and with an advanced design, able to bring happiness to their occupants and with conventional economic cost.

Luis De Garrido has taught at 13 universities in 7 countries, has lectured and has given specialization courses in 21 universities and has given lectures in over 100 international conferences in 17 countries. So far he has published 23 books and has written about 120 articles from various disciplines, among which are: Green architecture, self-sufficient architecture, modular and industrialized architecture, bioclimatic architecture, Eco-urbanism, Ecological urban planning, Architecture for happiness, Intelligent buildings, multimedia architecture, Artificial intelligence, Eco-design, graphic design, Advertising, Food, Longevity, Natural risks, Creativity, Astrophysics, Oratory, Psychology, Sociology, Human evolution, Evolution of design, Graphology, Facial analysis and Anthropology.

Brief Curriculum of Luis de Garrido