Cognitive Neuroscience and Neurobiology Luis De Garrido

Luis De Garrido Cognitive Neuroscience

Luis De Garrido has an extensive research in Cognitive Neuroscience, a discipline that focuses on the scientific study of the biological mechanisms underlying cognition, analyzing neuronal activity of mental processes and their behavioral manifestations.

Cognitive neuroscience groups neuroscience and psychology with other disciplines such as cognitive psychology, psychobiology and neurobiology. This new comprehensive science allows us to understand and reflect on the different mechanisms and systems functioning of the human nervous system, knowing the different methods and strategies used for the study of these functions, as well as relate and integrate all this information with their physiological functional bases, cell, biochemical and anatomical regarding the production and regulation of human behavior and cognition.

Luis De Garrido uses cognitive neuroscience to understand the behavior and activities of human beings, for various purposes.

On the one hand, this information allows you to better know people, and therefore enables you to carry out advanced architecture, an architecture that meets their basic psychological needs. Needs that they themselves are able to identify.

Secondly, Cognitive Neuroscience brings you closer to the essence of human behavior, and therefore allows for new social rules, to establish a new social paradigm and a new paradigm of territorial and urban planning, which allows us to live better and grow together as humans.

Third, this discipline helps Luis De Garrido understand the underlying creative activity cognitive and neural mechanisms, and thus allows you encourage them, and thereby amplify his own creativity and anticipate socially defining new social paradigms and art, especially in urban planning and architecture.

Finally, cognitive neuroscience allows Luis De Garrido understand the neurobiological mechanisms of pain, emotions and consciousness, which help to understand the basic mechanisms of recognition of beauty and happiness. This ensures the success of his architectural designs.