Books Luis De Garrido

“Social Green Housing”

This book describes the factors to be taken into account to achieve new and advanced typologies of ecological and bioclimatic social housing, able to meet the needs of its occupants, and with which social housing complex can be designed, perfectly integrated in the urban and social structure of the cities, and allowing them to evolve in the desired direction.

Libro Luis De Garrido. Green Container Architecture

“Green Container Architecture”

The book aims to demonstrate a methodology to achieve a green and cheap architecture using containers.

The containers have been designed to store and transport goods over long distances, and in a tight, economical and safe way. However, it also happens, the curious coincidence that the spaces that have been designed for storing and transporting goods, have a proper human scale. That is, they are also valid for designing living spaces.

“Dream Green Architecture”

This book describes the overall design strategy to achieve “good architecture” which successfully meets all our needs, provokes emotion within us and transcends us as humans.

“Arquitectura y Salud”

In the book are analyzed with extreme rigor, without being alarmist, all pathogens associated with architecture, its impact on human health is studied and materials and alternative technologies are proposed. On the other hand, when it is not possible to eliminate some of the harmful materials or technologies, the most appropriate correction mechanisms are proposed.

“Arquitectura Bioclimática Extrema”

This book shows a design methodology to achieve an “extreme bioclimatic architecture”, emphasizing the necessary architectural bioclimatic strategies.

Currently terms as “green” and “sustainable” have been manipulated and corrupted to the point that they have no meaning, and therefore have little use, just an opportunistic media utility.

“Arquitectura Energía-Cero”

The book describes the overall design strategy to achieve an architecture of zero-energy consumption, at the lowest possible economic cost, and with the least amount of artifacts.

The huge existing economic interests in our society have completely distorted the concept of “sustainable development” and the concept of “sustainable architecture” or “green architecture”.

“Luis De Garrido. The Architect of Architecture”

Suzanne Holt Ballard, PhD. Architect and professor of architecture at the University of Ohio (USA) declares that Luis De Garrido is “The Architect of Architecture”, because he has been able to model a New Paradigm in Architecture, based on a deep respect and understanding of nature, and fully integrated with the ecological ecosystem.

“Arquitectura para la Felicidad”

Achieve happiness seems to be the most important goal of all humans, even though they do not know very well what it is, or how to get it.

In addition, people are not aware that their built environment, architecture, can provide a high degree of happiness, provided that it has been conveniently designed.

“Design Practice of the New Architectural Paradigm”

In the first part of the book Luis De Garrido reflects on the need to establish an artificial ecosystem, which regulates the activity of humans, and the products developed by them, and consequently the need for a new paradigm in architecture.

“Self-Sufficient Green Architecture”

The book aims to establish a design process to achieve an advanced architecture self-sufficient in energy, water and food at the lowest possible price, so that it could be available to most citizens.

At present, and driven by economic interests, a “technology additive model“ of self-sufficient architecture seeks to be established in our society.